Max Vogler

Student  ×  Software Engineer

Hey – I'm Max

I am a software engineer studying computer science at KIT. Currently doing an internship for SAP, Palo Alto. I am passionate about web backends, apps, and human-computer interaction.

In a nutshell: I write apps that take a big amount of information and try to extract something useful for you.


Smartphone Interaction Analysis

A paper and presentation about “What smartphone interaction reveals about your personality, sociability and sentiment”, covering modern, smartphone-based studies from the field of psychoinformatics.

Conway's Game of Life

An experimental, multiplayer, client-server implementation of Conway’s Game of Life. It consists of a Java server and a 3D WebGL frontend.

  • Java
  • HTML5
  • WebGL


An ambient light detection library for websites, using the device’s ambient light sensor. It eases reading text in dark rooms, by adapting the background, text and image brightness to the environment.

  • JavaScript
  • Ambient Light API

Learning Spaces

An unofficial Android app, that displays available learning spaces on the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology campus. It queries the official learning spaces data of the KIT library and displays it in a mobile-friendly way.

  • Java
  • Android

PHP Traffic Light Monitoring

A simple monitoring solution, which can display monitoring system statuses using traffic lights (and much more) via network controllable socket boards.

  • PHP


An automatized guide to local restaurants that downloads, parses and summarizes the daily menus of different restaurants. The aggregated menu of the day is displayed on a website and posted to social media.

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • PhantomJS